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A Misguided Thought is a collection of poetry that shows the overall life experiences of a 21-year-old-from living a sheltered life writing about his hopes and dreams to struggling with mental disorders, heartache, and trying to find his way back to the light through faith itself. The words within these pages intend to bring solace and clarity in times of conviction, and Jaelyn has come to be one of this generation's greatest poets.

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About Jaelyn Jordan

Jaelyn D. Jordan likes to think of himself as a creative,
charismatic individual who finds solace in his own writing
and hopes that others will as well, as he expresses love, lust,
and loss through his work. He started writing poetry at the
age of sixteen and could have never guessed then that this
was something he wanted to do career-wise. After two
failed attempts trying to self-publish with two individual
companies, he found Austin Macauley. He prays that this
time will be different; that this is his time, his blessing, and
he hopes that his poetry will be touching and will help the
readers just as it has carried him far in life.

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